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Venetian Masks : Venetian Jolly Masks
Purchase a Paper Mache Mask from Visions of Venice. Often referred to as the “Joker” or “Jester mask,” the Jolly mask is decorated with a headdress (and at times a cloak or bib) of curlicues, often having bells hanging on the tips know as cap ‘n’ bells. These handmade Venetian masks are constructed in Venice, Italy, using centuries-old techniques. Each paper mache mask is unique in the sense that no two masks can ever be exactly the same.

Get Decked Out in a Beautiful Venetian Carnival Mask

Our Jolly or Jester mask collection offers a style of handmade Venetian mask that can be worn for a masquerade ball, Mardi Gras or Venetian carnival mask, or simply used as beautiful Venetian wall art. We have several different styles and colors of Jolly masks to choose from. Buy a Venetian Jolly mask today for your next masquerade party or as a lovely, traditional piece of Venetian history for your home or office. Be sure to visit our Venetian Treasures section and browse our Venetian tapestry line.

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Joker Uomo Nero Joker Uomo Nero
This beautifully handcrafted Venetian Joker Mask is a striking piece of Venetian artistry. The joker mask is completely handmade in Venice, Italy fro...
     Price: $350.00
Jolly Colombine Music Jolly Colombine Music
A beautifully handcrafted Venetian jolly eye mask designed with musical scores.

This Venetian mask is handcrafted from paper mache and decorat...
     Price: $89.00
Jolly Tessuto Dusty Rose Jolly Tessuto Dusty Rose
A beautifully handcrafted Venetian Jolly mask decorated with a crown (cap n’ bells) of woven fabric in shades of cream and dusty rose. This Jolly ma...
     Price: $189.00
     On Sale: $135.00 (Save: $54.00)
Venetian Clown Mask – Pagliaccio Clode Venetian Clown Mask – Pagliaccio Clode
This Venetian joker-clown mask is an exceptional example of artisan Venetian mask making. The Venetian pagliaccio mask is completely handcrafted in V...
     Price: $320.00
Venetian Jester Mask – Joker’s Wild Venetian Jester Mask – Joker’s Wild
This authentic Venetian mask, of a smiling jester, is handmade from paper mache. The mask is decorated in both silver and gold leaf and hand painted....
     Price: $185.00
     On Sale: $125.00 (Save: $60.00)
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